Welcome to Barton County, Missouri


Nashville School
Nashville, Missouri

Generously donated to the Barton Co site by the Larry Crouch.

Back row: Dick Williams, Joe Helms, Clyde Thomas, Clifford Anderson, Rowena Berry, Bessie Miller, Emma Shaw, Dessie Miller, Nadine Monroe, Hazel Cotter, Evelyn Oertle - teacher
Second Row: Mary Jo Lough, Maxine Miller, Helen Crouch, Fern Thomas, -?- , Mildred Crouch, Cosma Thomas, Emily Ferguson, Mildred Wood, Harold Burnside, Roy Moore
Front Row: Riley Helms, Francis Polston, Archie James, Marvin Burnside, Jesse Cline, Alfred "Sonny" Berry, Paul Lang, Howard Crouch, Lloyd Burnside, Jesse Brandt, John Thomas, Carl Parker, Charles James



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