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Lamar, Missouri 6th Grade Class Picture

Generously donated to the Barton Co site by the C.F. (Mitch) Mitchell on August 20, 2002.

I was born and raised in Carthage, Jasper, Missouri.  My father passed away about 10 years ago and I recently had time to go through a lot of his old papers.  In them I found the attached photo.  It is only a partial photo but I thought you might like to have it.  The placard in the front reads "Grade 6th; Lamar, Mo."  There is no indication as to what year this might be.  How it came into my father's possession, I don't know.  We have no connections to Lamar but obviously have been there many times.  Perhaps, one of the girls in the photo may have been an old girlfriend of his, I don't know.  There is an arrow pointing to the girl in the top row at the very left. 


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