From the Lamar Democrat, October 10, 1899

The old settlers of Barton county held their first annual gathering and picnic in the court house yard, Saturday, October 7th. The day was most propitious for such an occasion --- a bright October sun shone through the trees fast being bared by the autumn winds, throwing sunshine and happiness into the hearts of many a father and mother who began life’s battle together on Barton’s soil. Men and women who came here when this county was scarcely more than a barren waste of land and who had lived to see what it now is --- a magnificent domain—were present; their sons and daughters, who were born and reared in this county and who rank as our substantial citizens, were present. It was a happy meeting---a time when the mind went back to the early struggles and privations; a time when the earl pioneers met around “one common altar” and indulged in a hearty greeting and talked over memories both pleasant and painful. At twelve o’clock dinner was served on the lawn in the southwest corner of the yard. After the cravings of the “table” cleared away, an address was given by President B. B. Robinson. Speeches and short talks were made by E. L. Moore; P. R. Gray, Edwin Carver; T. W. Harkless; Capt. Breeden, Mrs. Kate Hesford, G. A. Keebler and others.

Of those present, William Fowler, of Lamar, aged 87, was the oldest; he came here in ’65. Edwin Carver, of Kenoma, aged 57, was the oldest settler, he was brought here when only a few months old in the fall of ’42; Marshall N. Miner, of Liberal, aged 49, was the oldest Barton county child, he was born near Liberal, January 9, 1850 .

The organization heretofore effected, with R. G. Robinson, president, J. B. Lilliard, secretary, S. F. Brown, assistant Secretary, and Hoyt Humphrey, treasurer was ratified at this meeting. A vice president from each township was also elected as follows:

Marshall Stephens--- Milford township

Geo. Stapleton-------- Newport township

John T. Wyatt--------- Golden City township

Ed Carver-------------- Richland township

P. R. Gray-------------Doylesport township

L. C. Reed ------------Union township

T. S. Mitchel----------Northforl township

A.     C. Pittenger------- Nashville township

Marion Fast------------ Barton City township

W. H. Curless---------Leroy township

Frank Curless----------Ozark township

John Briggs------------Southwest township


After the speech making, the crowd assembled on the north side of the courthouse, where a photograph was taken by C. R. Taylor. It was unanimously agreed to hold another celebration next October, and it will be a large one. The picnic Saturday was a grand success and now that the bill has been started to rolling this affair will be looked forward to each year with great anticipation. Following is a list of those who registered Saturday and who have resided in this county 20 years or more. The name, present post office, date when settling in Barton county, nativity and age, is given.

Barton County Settlers List  


Copied and prepared by Bruce Robertson, April 3, 2002 and submitted on November 29, 2002.


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