Obituaries with Barton County Connections


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Obituaries from the Barton County Progress which became the Lamar Democrat in May 1883.

Arnold, Van Roy

Beamer, Lily

Beamer, Dr. Maude

Beamer, Col. D. A.

Bowman, Sarah Catharine Rector

Butler, Theodore Wilson

Conrad, Mrs. Anna Mary Elizabeth

Duckett, Dr. Claude

Duckett, A. J.

Duckett, Dr. Thomas Henry

Duckett, Mrs. Matilda Elizabeth

Edmonds, Rev. George F.

Edmonds, Mrs. Mary M.

Harkins, Robert

Harkins, Mrs. Malinda

Hayes, Basil D.

Hays, Albert Funeral, Obituary

Hays, Mrs. Albert

Leonard, Mathias Peter

Medlin, Nancy Jane Rector

Milligan, Joseph Andrew

Pugh, Mary Catherine

Rector, James W.

Rector, Rev. Jacob David

Rector, Giles Washington

Rector, Sarah Elizabeth

Rector, William Boline

Rose, Mrs. P. H.

Schalhorst, Henry P.

Short, W. W.

Thomas, Mrs. Almeda

Timmonds, Dr. L. M.

Travis, William Tydings


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