Dr. L. M. Timmonds Obituary

[This is from an old newspaper clipping, presumably from November 1885, and refers to the death of Dr. Landon (or Landen) Marion Timmonds, then of Lamar, Missouri.]

"Death of Dr. Timmonds.

Dr. L. M. Timmonds, whose extreme illness we mentioned in our last issue, died on Thursday evening at near 5 o'clock P.M. On last Sunday he was feeling better and had rallied sufficiently to be able to ride out and take the benefit of the fresh air. He was not so well during the early days of the week, and with the change on Thursday morning, he became worce [sic] and sunk rapidly until death came as above stated. He was surounded [sic] in his last moments by his family, all of whom now live here.

Thus one by one the old pioneers and citizens of Barton county, pass away. He was a man, who, in his early manhood, settled in Barton county, even before she had a name and an existence as a county. Here among the early pioneer settlers he practiced the profession of his choice, and lived and performed the duties of citizenship. He was repeatedly honored by her citizens with offices of trust emolument and faithfully, as the records show, performed all the duties imposed. He lived to see the boundless prairies tamed and conquered, and the village which he helped to make grow to a city of no mean pretesions [sic].He was a man of generous heart, loved most by his old friends who had known him longest. Faithful to the political principles esposed [sic], and equally faithful to old friends, whether in peosperity [sic] or in adversity. May he rest in peace."

Submitted by Landon Ross on November 27, 2002.

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