Rev. George F. Edmonds Obituary

Death Comes At Last

Rev. Edmondsí Long Battle With Death Ended - Fought For Life For Five Long Years - Preached For Quarter Of A Century

Rev. George F. Edmonds expired at his home, out in Milford, Saturday, after hovering within the shadow of the valley for many days. Mr. Edmonds made a long and brave fight for his life, but for many weeks past, it has no longer been a fight, he merely waited quietly for the fatal moment to come.

About Five years ago, his health began to fail. Nothing that was done for him ever seemed to arrest his slow but steady decline.

Finally it was decided that he was suffering from a tumor of the stomach. He prepared, immediately to go to St. Louis for an operation, bravely he bade his friends good-bye, for he knew it was doubtful if he would come back alive. He returned, three weeks later, but it was under the inevitable sentence of death. An operation had revealed the real cause of the trouble - tuberculosis of the liver and digestive system.

He was so weak when he returned that he was taken to the home of Mrs. Frank Mann, down on Kent Avenue, but, he longed that he might meet the supreme moment, amid the familiar objects and tender memories of the old home, out by Milford. So one bright autumn day, about a month ago, he was tenderly placed upon a bed, and carried out to a waiting vehicle to make his last earthly journey, but one.

The deceased came to Barton County when he was a mere youth a little less than forty years ago. Something over a quarter of a century ago, Mr. Edmonds was converted and united with the Baptist Church. He soon felt that he was called to preach. He did not have the scholastic advantage of one trained to the ministry, but he possessed a natural fluency of speech and a personal magnetism, in the pulpit, that made him an effective preacher and evangelist. He labored for half an active lifetime amid the Barton County churches and many indeed are there today, staid pillars in their local churches, who were called from a life of wayward thoughtlessness by the simple, unadorned eloquence fo the zealous evangelist, who has now gone on the journey, he prepared so many souls to take without fear.

Lamar Democrat

November 18, 1909

Submitted by Phillip Rector on January 18, 2002.

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