1860 U. S. Census for Barton County, Missouri

Inhabitants in: Golden Grove Township  in the County of Barton, State of Missouri Post Office Lamar
Date: 11 June 1860   Enumerator: John W. Humphrey Page: 5

Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Age  Sex Occupation  Birthplace       
36 28 Toler, Thomas J. 30 M Farmer KY
37   Unoccupied        
    Toler, Mary E. 22 F   IN
              Olley A. 1 F   MO
              George 23 M Farm Laborer KY
              Martha Ann 16 F   KY
39 29 Peanick, Alfrod 50 M Farmer MO
                   Sophy M. 27 F   MO
                   John W. 13 M   MO
                   Rhoda 7 F   MO
                   Jacob 5 M   MO
                   America 3 F   MO
                   Benjamin F. 4/12 M   MO
                   Benjamin F. 27 M Farm Laborer KY
40 30 Humphrey, J. W. 29 M Tailor LA
                     Mary L. 29? F   TN
                     Virginia J. 10 F   MO
                     Pryor? J. 8 M   MO
                     Sarah F. 6 F   MO
                     Laura B. 4 F   MO
                     Mary B. 2 F   MO


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